About Us

Our founder founded The Neahj Brand in June of 2019. She started in her home struggling to get her hair to grow. After trying countless products and not much progress, she decided to create her own. She wanted to create a product that could achieve a multitude of things and so she created a serum. She noticed rapid improvements to her hair and so she gave it to close family and friends to try as well. They also noticed quick results and major improvements to their hair. The serum was not only speeding up growth but it was offering all of the benefits it was designed for. Knowing her struggle with her hair and how it effected her she decided that everyone should have access to such an amazing product. Her problems were many peoples problems. One product ultimately launched an entire hair care business and as times grows so does the brand and its products. We hope you enjoy your Healthy Hair Journey with The Neahj Brand!!!


The Neahj Brand to me is not just a compilation of hair products. This brand is an opportunity to discover confidence, love, respect, passion, and perseverance. Whatever vain things you feel or have heard about the position hair plays in our lives, leave them at the door. Our hair is who we are. Our hair is how we express ourselves. Our hair is how we present ourselves before we ever utter a word. My purpose as the CEO and Creator of The Neahj Brand is to encourage and spread knowledge and positivity through hair care for the benefit of all people and the discovery of themselves and the wonders with which they possess.