Feel good and smell even better with our new curated line of body care products. Created by hand with natural and organic ingredients for optimal results.

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Peppermint infused to give your hair the ultimate cleanse and detox, our SJ Collection is just what you need for wash day. This nourishing trio features lightweight products to cleanse and hydrate the scalp and each hair strand.

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    10/10! For the longest I didn’t know why my hair would tap out at the same length and was always so dry. After using the oil and moisturizer, I noticed a huge shift in not only the length but also the porosity of my hair. I swear by these products. If you’re not using Neahj brand, what are you doing?

    -Kaira S.

  • Better than good!

    I was using it on my braids and had to stop because it was making them grow too fast!

    -Sidney D.

  • Perfection!

    The hair moisturizer and leave-in conditioner paired together is definitely chef's kiss. And the hair enhancing serum is the goat. Got my hair cut in November and saw results in January.

    -Ashley C.

  • I'm in love!

    I absolutely love how moisturized and HEALTHY my curls are. Thank you for creating such an amazing product and allowing us access to such a gem. The Neahj Brand has made me fall in love with my hair all over again.

    -J'Kia I.

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The Neahj Brand believes that self-love is rooted in looking good. This applies to hair and body care just to name a few.

We at The Neahj Brand have taken research from decades and centuries of textured haircare and infused our products with natural and organic ingredients that are tailored to revitalizing, improving, and maintaining hair health.

As much as we care about hair health, we care equally about helping you meet your hair goals from length to manageability. We believe with the right products and routine your hair can achieve any goal.

Made by a Kinky, Curly haired girl for those who rock kinks and curls as well.